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Date: 2013-12-14 Time: 12:30:00 Swedish Traditions in English

So it's time to write about another Swedish christmas tradition!
This time it is called Lucia and it is celebrated on December 13th every single year. 
Lucia is a saint that died somewhere around the year 300. But there's really no connection between the saint and our celebration, at least not anymore. So it's basically only the name that we kept. Lucia is connected with light and candles because it's so dark up here in Scandinavia during the winter.
Now, what do we do on Lucia?
We have a procession with a majority of girls, but boys are very welcomed to be in it as well. (It's just that they think it is a little bit girly I guess) Everyone is wearing a white gown. (Both girls and boys) In the front it's one girl, the Lucia and she's wearing a crown with candles in it. I know what you think, "WHAT ABOUT HER HAIR? IT'S GONNA BURN!!" But no, or atleast usually not. Sometimes they faint... The Lucia also have a red "belt" around their waist. I was the lucia last year and when I was in sixth grade, and a whole bunch of times when I was a kid.
After the Lucia it's the rest of the girls, they're called maids and they usually have a string of glitter in their hair and a candle in their hand. They also have glitter around their waist. They can also have the red belt around their waist, as you can see on the picture down below. They don't have any glitter in their hair either.
After the maids it is the boys. They are kind of called the star boys and they have a cone shaped hat on their head with stars on and the usually have a stick in their hand with a star on the top.
Somtimes there's santas and ginger breads in the very back, but that is usually only when there's young kids.
So the procession walks into a stage (or somewhere people can see them), they sing some songs and then walks out again, and yes they are singing a song during the walk to. And that's the most famous song and I actually found a translation for one of the verses :)
The night treads heavily
around yards and dwellings
In places unreached by sun,
the shadows brood
Into our dark house she comes,
bearing lighted candles,
Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia.

Kindergarterners and preschoolers often have lucia and the order is not that important for them. Often many of the girls are the lucia with candles on their head, but no. The kids don't have real candles. :)

That is pretty much all of it :) Here's some pictures from a Lucia I went to yesterday.
And this is a really bad picture of me and Sarah from last sunday when we celebrated it here in our neighbourhood. :)


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